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Game On! by lipstickblogger
March 22, 2009, 7:21 pm
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I am no basketball fan, but with the energy of March Madness penetrating my home I haven’t been able to help but catch a few minutes of a game here and there. Unfortunately the Washington Huskies (my alma-mater) didn’t make it to the Sweet 16, but at least I will be spared the constant chatter over players, coaches and all that stuff. I am the only woman in a house of two boys and a husband. I adore them, but sometimes the giggling after farts, belching and wrestling reminds me of a frat house. I am not sure if I could deal with the level of testosterone that would be produced from having the Huskies go much farther.


The other reason I titled the blog “Game On” is honor of my latest book, “Game For Anything” by Bella Andre. Check out the abs on the cover– whoa baby! Not many Big Mac’s in his diet. 🙂 OK, I will get back on track now… “Game For Anything” is the story of Julie Spencer, one of the country’s top image consultants who is hired by the owner of the Outlaws football team to clean up the image of their star quarterback and notorious womanizer, Ty Calhoun. The one problem is that Julie and Ty have a history that could ruin Julie’s reputation and the business she has worked so hard to create.

Ty Calhoun is at the top of his game. He has just won the Superbowl, has money, fame and more women than he could ever imagine. However, the one woman he can’t forget is the one girl from his senior prom, Julie Spencer. Regardless of all the countless women that have thrown themselves at Ty, he can’t forget Julie and the night that they shared. Nothing has ever compared to the passion he felt for her and his search for another Julie just may have come to an end as his conservative football owner demands that Ty clean up his image and to Ty’s luck, Julie is hired Julie to do it.

The coincidence of Julie and Ty crossing paths seems a bit far-fetched; however the chemistry between these two characters is electric. Their history both personally and with one another gives this book depth and a compelling plot. Game for Anything is a surprising love story that has sizzle and will leave you wanting more and more.

Lipstick Blogger


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