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Don’t We All Have An Inferiority Complex In Some Way? by lipstickblogger
March 16, 2009, 9:39 pm
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I think that most women can relate to feeling pretty good about ourselves at times. You know those days when the hair is vibrant, skin glows, and you just haven’t been as hungry lately so a few extra pounds melt away. For me, I know I can pretty hard on myself, but there are days when I think yeah, I don’t look so bad for having two kids. A couple of weeks ago I had a pretty good day when I attended an Oscar party for the Starlight Foundation. It was a charity benefit and one of the items auctioned off was lunch with Josie Bissett from Melrose Place. She just came out with an adorable children’s book called “The Tickle Monster”, so the highest bidder would get a copy of her book and lunch with her. Enter Josie Bissett and enter my inferiority complex – big time. She is really beautiful in person. I could never be so catty and say well, they just airbrush the heck out of her – no way.  Oh well, back to feeling average. 🙂

paperspine My most recent read, Exes and Oh’s by Beth Kendrick is a fun and entertaining read that deals with the sort of inferiority complex I described above. Meet child psychologist Gwen, who has just been dumped by her fiancée the day before the wedding. She is in a fragile state when she meets the handsome, successful and intelligent Alex. Gwen is over the moon and thinks that she just may have found the ultimate Mr. Right.

All seems swell until Gwen meets her new patient, Leo a precocious five year old whose stunning soap opera star mom, Harmony has come to Gwen to help with her son Leo’s tricky behavior. Coincidentally, Alex and Harmony have quite a history together, which causes big problems for Gwen and threatens her ethics as a child psychologist. Not only is Harmony stunning, causing Gwen to wonder what on earth does Alex see in her, but she is rich and famous to boot.  Gwen soon finds out that Harmony is just a little demanding, self-centered and completely absorbed in all things “spiritual” leaving her in the middle of a messy, awkward and ethically challenging love triangle.

The book is very entertaining, however there were couple of places where it was a little far-fetched. If I had to express one grievance about the book, it would have to be that there are a lot of coincidences that keep up the twists and turns of the plot line.  Nonetheless, this was a fun and entertaining read with an illustrious set of characters. Try it out, I am anxious to hear what you think.

All the best!
Lipstick Blogger


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