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Can we really have it all??? by lipstickblogger
January 30, 2009, 11:23 am
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Ah, the ultimate question… Does having it all include a successful career, happy marriage, happy children and a guilt free conscience?   For me, I suppose so, but most days I feel lucky to get my kids to preschool on time, have some sort of extracurricular activity to keep their active bodies entertained and have something nutritious & edible on the table for dinner.  All I have to say as to whether or not I really succeed is, well nothing, because although I have my days where I think I can do this, more often than not I just have to laugh at myself.    Thankfully my boys love me regardless and actually might even like me a little more on the days where I give them McDonald’s for dinner.  At the end of the day, those sweet little kisses and happy faces remind me of how much I really have accomplished.  As for my husband, I think that the best perk of the large company he works at is the 1 month paternity leave all new dads receive.  Not only did this put in perspective how much work it is to have children, but it also gave him a pretty good idea what stay at home mom’s do.   Which, and I will quote him, “Is something I could never do.”  Makes me gush….


In the most recent book I read, “Wife in the Fast Lane” by Karen Quinn, the heroine is faced with this very question.   Meet Christy Hayes, a former Olympic medalist who has launched her own athletic line, Baby G and definitely has the successful career part down.  Building Baby G up from nothing, she is now the CEO of a thriving athletic company.   Christy, who once swore off men, choosing to focus on her career finds herself swept off her feet when she meets the wealthy and super-successful Michael Drummond.   Michael who survived a nasty divorce and struggles with the fact that his teenage daughter despises him, finds his soulmate in Christy.  The two have a fairy tale relationship and decide early on in their relationship that children will not be a part of their future.  However, the unexpected happens when Christy’s confidante and housekeeper dies and leaves Christy her granddaughter, Renata.

Can Christy convince Michael that raising Renata will be good for them and not harm their marriage?  Can Christy deal with the absurdity of Renata’s new private school? (The head of the PTA and Christy, have a history.) And, amidst all the chaos Christy finds that she is being backstabbed by one of her most trusted allies. Oh, and I can’t forget about the cunning reporter out to steal Michael from Christy.  There is no shortage of twists and turns, however Karen Quinn does a remarkable job of seamlessly making this a fun and easy read.

“Wife in the Fast Lane” is an entertaining read from the first page.   Many of the struggles Christy faces are the very ones moms and wives encounter in our everyday life.  I found myself laughing, shaking my head and unable to put this fun and delightful read down.  I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did.  After all, don’t we deserve it!  🙂

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The Unexpected Is A Pleasant Surprise… by lipstickblogger
January 18, 2009, 11:21 am
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Ah, 2009 is here! I am so, so excited. Al l the plans I have and lets face it – who doesn’t love a fresh start. Resolution #1 – make more time to read, resolution #2 – get my sons skiing and figure something clever to bribe them with so they don’t stomp off the slopes (have you looked into how expensive skiing is for kids?) and resolution #3 – be a better person, volunteer and use the extra time my kids are in preschool to make a difference. Things are scary right now and I thank my lucky stars for everything I have.

Now bear with me when I recount this tale. I do have a reason….Earlier this summer my husband and I were out with the kids on a warm sunny day. He went to get us all ice cream and came back holding a delicious vanilla cone for me. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this luscious cone, however when I bit into it I realized it was coconut ice cream. Now I love coconut and once I got used to it I thoroughly enjoyed it, however the initial shock took me by surprise and it took a minute or so to get used to it. I had a similar experience with my most recent read, “Miss Match” by Erynn Mangum.


Miss Match is the story of Lauren Holbrook a twenty-three year old woman with a knack for setting people up – everyone except herself that is. From her best friend Brandon, her co-workers Ruby and Hannah, Lauren is good at working her magic. Lauren is a lovable, wholesome character who left me wondering why is she so anti-relationship?

Now, the one thing that threw me initially about this book was the high presence of religion. Instead of going out to clubs or restaurants, characters in this book socialized at Bible studies and there are several Bible verses that are referenced as well. Again, I enjoyed this book, but it was different than many of the other books I have read. I later did some research on Erynn Mangum and she sounds like a lovely 22 year-old writer with tremendous talent. I wish her well and recommend this book to those whose interest has been piqued. 🙂

Happy New Year!
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