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Private School Anyone? by lipstickblogger
December 22, 2008, 2:55 pm
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Before I had children I never really understood what love was. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my husband. He is a wonderful guy and I can’t imagine my life without him. But if push came to shove, my husband and I could stand on our own and survive. My boys on the other hand, need me and there is not only this intense love I have for them, but the feeling that I must help them flourish and help steer them in the right direction in life.

Living in the suburbs of Seattle, where there are excellent public schools with plenty of stay at home moms, lots of private money being put into schools and lots of parental participation in schools, I haven’t had to worry much about the private school saga that I have heard about. And thank goodness, because I am not sure if I would cut it and my little darlings can well, let’s just say speak their mind, not always at the most opportune times.

paperspineMy fears regarding private schools and the mess that can come with going through the admissions process was all the more heightened by my most recent read, “The Ivy Chronicles” by Karen Quinn.  While reading this book I was not thinking about the characters as real people, but more as entertainment. If I did, I would be mortified by not only the parents, but the shenanigans these parents let their kids go through to get into these schools. As purely entertainment though, this book was hysterical! I could not put it down and I was rooting for the heroine throughout the entire book.

The book begins when Ivy Ames finds herself being downsized by her current company. As a successful Vice President of a major bank, she is used to the good life and all the fruits of her labor. Ivy’s world continues to crumble as she finds out that her husband has been having an affair and her entire Upper West Side Manhattan life – complete with housekeepers, nannies and cooks is immediately gone. Unable to afford the mortgage on their current apartment, Ivy is forced to move out of her pricey pad, remove her children from their expensive private school and figure out a way to support her and her two kids. Since Ivy knows first-hand the ins and outs of getting her own two girls into the highly sought after private schools, she stumbles into the world of the wealthy and super-demanding as the premier private school admissions consultant in Manhattan.

The crazy and obnoxious supporting cast of demanding parents makes this book part irresistible and part despicable. (I mean despicable in a good way, kind of like how reality show rejects are hard NOT to watch.) From Maria Kutcher, whose mafia father is often referred to as “Kutcher the Butcher” to Winnie Weiner, a Jewish girl from the Upper West Side who becomes the African-American WaShaunte Washington in order to snag a “diversity” spot at the top schools, there is no antic that Ivy won’t stoop to in order to help her clients out.

I admire Ivy’s strength and tenacity to take on all the challenges that are endlessly thrown at her, however as the antics get more and more outrageous I began to wonder how far will she go and if she goes much farther could I actually still be her cheerleader?

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and am anxious to hear what you think!

I hope that all of my blog readers have a wonderful holiday season and an amazing 2009!

All the best,
Lipstick Blogger



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Not only is this a great book, but the author is really warm and witty too!

Check out her other books – ‘Holly Would Dream’ and ‘Wife in the Fast Lane’, as well as her blog!

Great review!

Comment by Stacy

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